Hypercom S7

The Hypercom S7 is a cost-effective choice with quality performance for PIN based transactions, ECR’s and third party POS systems. Hypercom S7 supports DES and triple DES encryption which are security standards in PIN entry. Stringent security methods protect any fraud and malicious information interference. Management option is included in the S7 PIN pad. These two management schemes are the Master/Session Working Key and the Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT).

The Hypercom S7 design is comfortably fitted for customer’s private PIN entry. It can easily be handled and be in a client’s advantage point to safeguard his PIN. The clear display, function keys and comprehensive instructions are among the features to which the Hypercom S7 is a quality PIN entry device.



2 lines x 16 characters standard
122 x 32 pixels optional


15 keys 10 numeric, 3 acc, 2 control
16 keys 10 numeric, 4 acc, 2 control

Card reader

Embedded circuit:
ISO 7816-1 for physical & contact distances
Synchronous IC, GPM, 103, GFM, 4K
Asynchronous ISO 7816-3, T=0, PCOS, MCOS


Asynchronous: 4-wire, RS422, 9600 bps
LAN-compatible: 2-wire, RS485, 19.2 Kbps


Physical: Sealed housing with RAM & logic module
encapsulated in metal
Keyboard: Integrated with main PCB
Software: Boot O/S, encryption, display & keyboard drivers,
applications, hardkeys & passwords loaded from
external source


Key mgmt.: 12 master/session keys, 12 PIN keys, 12 MAC keys
or 1 DUKPT
Key loading: Load key only – Hypercom HKLM system &
Hypercom LP-1 PIN pad interface
Load & firmware keys – Hypercom HKLM system &
Hypercom LP-2 PIN pad pod loader


Temperature: 0-45 C/32-115 F
Humidity: Max 95%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts


Dimensions: 6.76 in x 3.5 in/17.15 cm x 8.89 cm


0.6 lbs/0.27 kg

Product lifecycle

Reliability: 95,000 hours (calculated)

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