Nurit 8320

The Nurit 8320 a dependable countertop POS device that is appropriate for the changing needs of small to medium scale businesses. It is guaranteed to result in enhanced revenue as it offers excellent performance functionality with easy management features.

Nurit 8320 provides low cost operation as more value added applications are processed due to the fast and powerful performance. Being a multi-platform with the Nurit Operating System (NOS), this device can handle broad payment methods.

Furthermore, merchants experience more flexibility by the easy customizing operation. Display, logo, fonts and other keypad functionality can be manipulated and initially programmed to respond to varying business-specific needs. The Nurit 8320 communicates in many ways. It can use Ethernet or RS-485 LAN connectivity, a GSM/GPRS cellular modem, and also a standard land line dial-up via an internal high-speed modem. A wide array of peripherals is available to enhance performance.



Powerful 32-bit Motorola, type EC68000 microprocessor


1MB Flash memory for application programs; 256KB RAM for transaction storage with battery back-up


High visibility, 2-Line by 16 character backlit display

Card Reader

Dual-track, bi-directional card reader


Programmable quick access function keys; 8 total programmable function and soft keys

Peripheral Ports

2 RJ-11 ports; 2 RS-232 ports; 1 ext. PINpad port


High-speed, 12.5 lines per second fully integrated internal thermal printer


2400 bps adjustable modem


H: 3 in.; W: 5.75 in.; D: 10 in.

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