Nurit 292

The Nurit 292 Pin Pad features high degree of security. Being a Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident, and Tamper-Responsive device, this item holds different safety management to secure from fraud and other malicious intrusion. Acquiring Visa & MasterCard and ISO 9564 security requirement, this unit protect transactions including key downloads. The Nurit 292 Pin Pad easily communicates with other Lipman products as well as other peripherals and third party applications.

The clear LCD display and handy size made the Nurit 292 easy to access. Readable illustration, supporting multiple language fonts and comprehensive customer messages enhances the efficiency offered by the Nurit 292 Pin Pad.

This item is suitable for: Boutiques; Retail Shops; Convenience Stores; Department Stores; Grocery Stores; Kiosks; Supermarkets; Discount Outlets; Cinemas & Theaters; Restaurants & Coffee Shops.


User Interface

128 x 64 pixel graphical display
15-key ergonomic keypad
Multi-language support

Processor and Memory

32-bit ARM RISC microprocessor
RAM-128 KB or 512 KB

Smart Card Slot and SAM Card Sockets

EMV 2000 Level 1, ISO 7816
Supports 5V and 3V cards

Front entry Smart Card slot

Optional 2 or 4 SAM sockets

Data Interface

RS-232, cable with 4-pin RJ11 connector

Dimensions and Weight

H 39mm (1.5in) x W 81mm (3.2in) x D 170 mm (6.7in)
230g (0.5 lb)

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