Ingenico eN-Touch 3000

The en-Touch 3000 is a touch screen terminal that can support POS payments, web browsing and messaging, printing and numerous applications. This touch screen terminal includes multiple ports to support peripherals as needed by the merchant. Among these are printers, PIN pads, Bar Code Scanners, Check readers and Signature Capture devices.

The en-Touch 3000 handles debit and credit transaction quite manageably. Combined with clear display and fast modem, transaction processing is completed with less time. An optional Help screen can be added to the terminal to assist common questions. Connectivity like TCP/IP enables the en-Touch 3000 to handle a custom browser and other internet applications. The en-Touch 3000 have other connectivity options like Datapac 3201 modem, high speed dial modem, RS485 LAN port, PIN pad port and RS232 port.

With the application of an open system, the en-Touch 3000 can be customize and enhance by limitless application developments.


Touch Panel & Display

Portrait orientation
VGA – 4.5″ x 3.4″ (114mm x 86mm) backlit LCD with contrast control
Resistive technology touch panel with anti-glare protective layer
Angle adjustment feature to reduce glare
Backlight 10,000 hours with automatic shut-off feature
LCD resolution 5041/inch2


Hitachi 7707 32 bit processor running at 60 MHz


Minimum 4 Mb Flash memory card
Larger Flash memory card sizes are available as an option at time of purchase or as an upgrade
4 Mb or 8 Mb DRAMs

Communication Ports

Dial Modem supports speeds up to 33.6Kbps
Bell 202T compatible modem for Datapac 3201 protocol
RS485 port for LAN (Local Area Network) to 19,200 bps

Peripheral Ports

2 x RS232
Secure PIN entry device ports (RS232, TTL)
(Integrated printer is driven by its own, separate port)

Printer Fonts/Graphics

Fonts: 32 character country specific font, 96 character ASCII font, 128 character international font, all printable as double wide, double high and double high/wide characters. All printable in reverse
Full graphics capability

Print Head

Type: Thick film thermal – 8 dots/mm, 72 mm wide print field, 576 dots
Printhead life: 50 million pulses per dot or 50 km of paper feed


Line voltage 110 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hz, 1.1A
Output 24VDC 2.2 A regulated power supply


Method: Direct thermal dot matrix
Speed: 12 lines per second


Type: Thermal sensitive, single ply POS or facsimile grade
Thickness: 0.009in. (0.25mm) maximum
Roll Width: 3.0 +/- 0.020 in (76mm +/- 0.5mm)
Roll Diameter: 3.03 in (77mm maximum)
Roll Core (inner diameter): 0.480 in (12.2mm)
Roll Core (outer diameter): 0.625in (15.9mm)

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Bi-directional two track reader, Patented design, MSR reliability 1,000,000 reads


Sequel or “C”
Comprehensive libraries of commonly used routines are available as a licensable option

Integrated PIN Entry Device Holder

Integrated, modular PIN entry device holder available as an option


Storage temperature: 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)
Operating temperature: 32F to 104F (0C to 40C)
Humidity: 5% to 90%, RH, non-condensing

Dimensions & Weight

10.7″ (270 mm) x 7.36″ (187 mm) x Height at front: 2.28″ (58 mm) Height at back: 6.7″ (170 mm) 3.9 lbs (1.78 kg including paper roll)

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