The RDM EC6011F is among the many models from the EC6000 family. The EC60011F is described as a single sided scanner with a standard memory and Franking Acknowledgment Printer. The same with RDM EC6000i features, one of the 6011F’s latest developments is its capability to connect to popular POS terminals and leading MICR and image technology. The EC6011F is the most supported document imager used for conversion and walk-in bill payments in the US retail industry.

The EC6011F has a compact design to conserve counter space. The electronic check imager and reader captures clear binary images resulting in excellence for industry’s demands.

The EC6011F scanner features a standard USB port, Franking Acknowledgment printer, internal alphanumeric OCR A and B character recognition, OCR E13B MICR Assist, three-track bi directional MSR and 10BaseT Ethernet connectivity. With these high quality specs and optional add-on modules, the EC6011F is among the most versatile and dependable products in the retail industry.

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