Ingenico CMR 430

CMR 430 is a compact check reader from IVI Checkmate. It is streamlined for excellent performance and security. With its simple operation and small footprint, the CMR 430 is among the most flexible yet cost-effective check reader.

The Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR) technology to which the CMR 430 runs with is designed to transmit data automatically after reading the check. Any crumpled checks can be read be the CMR 430.

The CMR 430 is compatible and easily connected to PCs, POS terminals, wedge and any terminal payment devices. It also holds the highest read accuracy for check readers. Features like Hand-Back/Hold-Away secures that any exception checks runs under the supervision of an authorize operator. The CMR 430 is created to boost fraud protection with advance validation and reading analysis.


MICR Fonts

E13B, CMC& and CMC0


430 -Optional- dual or triple track,

Average Track Speed

18 inches per second (457.2 mm per second)

User Display

430-7 segment readout and 2 LEDs with 3 colors
431-1 LED in 2 colors

Application Software



Downloadable via payment platform, configuration checks or PC


IBM, NCR, Fujitsu/ICL, Symbol Tech., VeriFone and most other POS, PC, wedge and terminal platforms


430-RS232, RS485, TTL, keyboard wedge, OCIA, OCRA, MDL and others
431-RS232, TTL and Keyboard wedge


430- Beige or Dark Gray
431-Dark Gray



430- 4.9V DC to 16V DC
431- 7V DC to 16V DC
Maximum, including ripple


400 mA normal operations (average)
250 mA quiescent

External Power Supply

None required in most installations when at least 300 mA is available from the POS port

Physical Dimensions

Weight: 1.0 lb. (0.454 Kg)
Height: 2.5 in. (63.5 mm)
Width: 2.95 in. (74.9 mm)
Depth: 8.0 lbs. (203.2 mm)

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