Hypercom T8

The Hypercom T8 is a POS terminal made for high performance and excellent interface.

The Hypercom T8 is compactly designed to accept credit, debit and stored value applications, check and proprietary card transactions. The keypad is 35-key design that allows key functioning. Alpha data are also inputted with a single stroke.

Communication is another advantage the T8 possess. It transmits data faster, quick response time and reduced communication costs. The T7E ensures a minimal operating and maintenance costs.


Display: 2 x 20 lines, backlit LCD

Keyboard: 35 keys


RAM 256K

Card reader

Tracks 1, 2 simultaneous read,Track 3 optional


Modem Bell 212A/103, CCITT V.22/V.21, 1200/300bps


+24 Vdc, 200mA

Auxiliary ports

PIN pad, RS422/RS485, RS232 optional
Serial printer: RS232
PIN pad: RS422
Parallel printer: TTL


6.0 in x 6.75 in x 2.25 in/15.24 cm x 17.15 cm x 5.72 cm

Weight: 1.3 lbs/0.49 kg

Memory/clock backup: 5-year lithium battery

Operating temperature: 0-45 C/32-113 F

Humidity Max: 85%, non-condensing

ESD resistance: 12,000 volts


Key life: 350,000 operations
Card reader: 400,000 reads
MTBF: 95,000 hours

Peripheral compatibility

S7C, S7SC, S8, P8 printers, ICE™, Horizon VRP 2000, most common POS printers

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