Ingenico eN-Check 2500

The en-Check 2500 is a design totally being developed from experiences gained by the industry’s leader in check reading technology. Being among the Ingenico line of products, the en-Check 2500 is guaranteed to work in excellent performance. This check reader runs with elite features and versatile capabilities. Easily transferred by its ergonomic compact footprint, the en-Check 2500 can be placed anywhere in the workspace or even around the office.

en-Check 2500 is a check reader optimized to function as a quality device. It has advance algorithms to ensure precise first-pass reading of checks. Features like Hand-Back/Hold-Away secures that any exception checks runs under the supervision of an authorize operator.

The en-Check 2500 comes with compatibility features to support any future add-ons. This is an advantage to improve a merchant’s POS system without the constant replacement of units. The en-Check 2500 can be upgraded anytime in the future. This package has an optional magnetic stripe reader.


MICR Fonts

E13B, CMC7, and CMC0

Optional Magstripe Reader

Dual or triple track, bi-directional

Average Track Speed

21 inches per second (533 mm per second)

User Display

7 segment readout and LED with 3 colors

Application Software



Downloadable via platform, configuration checks
or PC
Field upgradeable firmware via flash ROM


IBM, NCR, Fujitsu/ICL, Symbol Tech., Verifone
and most other POS, PC, wedge and terminal


RS232, RS485, TTL, Keyboard Wedge, OCIA,
OCRA, MDL and others

Life Expectancy

One million reads


4.9 V DC to 16 V DC (maximum, including ripple)


400 mA normal operations (average)
250 mA quiescent

External Power Supply

None required in most installations when at
least 300 mA is available from the POS port

Dimensions & Weight

2.78″ (70.6 mm) x 3.0″ (76.2 mm) x 7.18″
(182.4 mm) 13.4 oz (.38 kg)

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