Thales Dassault Talento

The Thales Talento supports many POS transactions including credit and debit cards, check authorization, EBT, electronic check, telephone and mail orders and an optional processing of smart cards.

To support the varying need of merchants, the Thales Talento comes in different memory models. The Thales Talento also comes with an integrated thermal printer. Operation with its familiar ATM-style interface is both clerk and customer friendly.

The Thales Talento is running with a powerful processor that enables multi-tasking a possibility. It uses an advance microprocessor that facilitates multi-functionality.



  • six bit Microprocessor


  • RAM 128K or 256K; Elective 512K or 8MB


  • six lines of configurable backlit LCD display


  • 25 keys – 5 function keys and three screen addressable keys;
  • Options: forty-one keys with graphic display or fifty-nine keys with QWERTY Keyboard

Card Reader

  • Tracks one and two, or two and three
  • Options: Track three and JIS 2 reader


  • 2400bps
  • Options: Smart card reader, power
    phone and RS232 ports on power source pack

Check reader
Integrated Pin Pad

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