The Nurit 8400 characterizes a countertop system for reliability over time. A device that is flexible and robust that offers unmatched adaptability as retailers business needs change. Perfectly designed for small to medium sized merchants that rely on a firm and dependable performer, Nurit 8400 is the choice. In addition, it supports numerous options and configuration to support diverse payment methods. This includes debit, credit, EMV and many value-added applications.

The Nurit 8020 is one of the most popular wireless POS terminals. The 8020 is approved by Visa and MasterCard for safe PCI PED transactions. With a great array of communication choices, the Nurit 8020 makes a perfect platform for merchants in every business field. It is designed to deliver fast yet efficient methods for revenue generation.

The VeriFone Omni 3350 is the perfect terminal to support full set of payment methods. It provides merchant reliable performance now and in the future.

The Hypercom Optimum L4100 is about three things: cost-effectiveness, performance and security; all these without having to spend an awful amount of money. It comes in a fancy design, personalized bezel and colored screen ideal for marketing and offering a one-of-king buying experience to your patrons.