Verifone MX915

Verifone Integrated Solution

Seamless integration:

Flexible connectivity I/O module, backwards compatibility with MX 800 cabling, and intuitive development tools simplify integration.


Promote upcoming sales and special offers, or reward your most loyal customers.

Purposeful Design:

Brilliant 4.3” color display that’s sure to delight and captivate. Enjoy the same great features as the MX 925 wrapped in a smaller, elegant design.

Verifone MX915 Integrated Solution
A complete media solution that’s sure to engage and impress. 
THE MX 915 BOASTS a vibrant display to bring messaging, advertising, and video campaigns to life—ideal for deploying a variety of value-added services like loyalty programs, gift cards, and top-up services.
Clean lines and a sleek, modern, space-saving design make a powerful statement – whether in a lane or on a countertop. With full video and audio capabilities, the MX 915 delights.
The MX 915 comes with a powerful ARM11 processor, generous memory allocation, HW Video decoder, and highly secure Linux-based OS operating system. Plus, it supports all of the latest payment technologies.
Verifone MX Integrated Solution

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